Pokemon: The Nanka Region

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The Region Map


1. Springdale
2. Ambervale
3. Titian City
4. Verdigris City
5. Tunnelbana Town
6. Summit Town
7. Karna City
8. Bevattna City
9. Rubicund City
10. Brasa Town
11. Azure Town
12. Lilac City
13. Cobblestone Plateau

Route 1 connects Springdale and Ambervale.
Route 2 connects Ambervale to Titian City.
Route 3 connects Ambervale and Verdigris City.
Route 4 connects Titian City and Brasa Town.
Route 5 connects Titian City and Rubicund City.
Route 6 connects Rubicund City to Verdigris City.
Route 7 connects Verdigris City and Karna City.
Route 8 connects Verdigris City to Tunnelbana Town.
Route 9 connects Tunnelbana Town to Summit Town.
Route 10 connects Summit Town to Karna City.
Route 11 connects Karna City and Bevattna City.
Route 12 connects Karna City to Rubicund City.
Route 13 connects Bevattna City and Rubicund City.
Route 14 connects Bevattna city and Lilac City.
Route 15 connects Rubicund City and Azure Town.
Route 16 connects Azure Town and Lilac City.
Route 17 connects Azure Town and Brasa Town.
Route 18 connects Bevattna City to the Cobblestone Plateau.